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Residential & Commercial Energy Fact Sheet

Ambit Energy is a residential and commercial retail energy provider. Our residential Customers enjoy substantial savings on their energy bills, and our Free Energy program enables Customers to reduce, or even eliminate, their monthly energy charges by referring friends and associates to use Ambit Energy service.

We provide residential and small commercial energy to specific markets in these deregulated states:

We attract and gain Customers through a widespread network of Independent Consultants. In the highly competitive market for energy consumers, this acquisition strategy has proven to be the most effective way to gather loyal Customers. In fact, it has allowed us to become one of the fastest-growing retail energy providers in the United States.

Behind it all is BlueNet™, our proprietary, integrated Customer management and billing technology. The system was designed by our IT team for use only by Ambit Energy and our licensees. This comprehensive and patented software engine manages all aspects of the Customer lifecycle – from utility transactions between Customers and transmission providers to web-based account management tools to billing and collections of energy accounts.

Ambit's Service Areas